How can I send followups to Trello?

We're glad you asked!

Our handy dandy new Zapier integration allows you to do just that :) Here's how!

  1. Accept the Do + Zapier invite by clicking on this link.
  2. Head over to the "Make A Zap!" page.
  3. Choose Do as your desired Trigger App.
  4. Select your trigger - there are 3 different choices you can use with Do. Here, we'll go with New Followup, since we want to push tasks to our task management and to-do apps! But you can use one, two, or all three options! 
  5. Copy and paste the highlighted URL - this is your webhook.
  6. Head on back to, and click into your Integrations page (accessible by clicking on your avatar on the left-hand side hub, where your settings are). 
  7. Click "add webhook" to one of the options, in this case "When I mark a new followup", and simply paste in that copied URL!
  8. Now go to any meeting on Do (an old one, or create a new one), and mark anything as a followup. Go back to Zapier, and wait for this friendly confirmation message from them!
  9. Hit "Continue", now choose your desired app for the followups to be pushed to. Since we're using followups here, a task management or to-do app is a great fit. There's lots of great options - Trello, Asana, Wunderlist, Google Tasks, the list goes on and on. We'll go with Trello here. There's 3 options for the trigger - Create List, Create Board, and Create Card.
  10. The most common use case here would be Create Card, so let's go with that. Hit Save + Continue, then connect your Trello account, as indicated on the page.
  11. Now, choose your desired Board and List, and then where it says Name, click the drop-down menu and select "Followup Message".
  12. If you'd like, you can set up this specific zap to be directly assigned to a member of that Trello board (you can have as many zaps as you'd like, don't worry!). Only use this if this zap will specifically used to be assign tasks to a particular person! Otherwise, if this will be your cross-team Trello zap, you can just assign the task to someone directly in Trello.
  13. Hit Continue, now try testing your zap to make sure it works as desired!

    14. Success! Woohoo! That's all, just hit Finish and you're done :)

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