How do I best use agenda items? And what's the difference b/w agenda items, followups, and outcomes?

Agenda items are to set the discussion, e.g. "Discuss engineering progress" and then the notes below fill out that discussion, e.g. "Derek to finish the spec" (this one may be marked as a followup I suppose) and more general notes like "Mikaela thinks we ought to move to AWS". Outcomes would then be "We decided to hire 10 people." so you'll always have a clear record of what happened in your meetings.
  • Agenda Items: Key discussion topics or objectives of the meeting e.g. "Discuss our engineering infrastructure" or "Figure out when we should have the launch party for the new marketing site"
  • Followups: Work or tasks that need to happen (later) e.g. "Connect Gina with Dave to work on the transition from Microsoft to Google" or "Mikaela to put together a new report on the efficiency of our sales team"
  • Outcome: Decisions or results of the meetings e.g. "We decided to hire 10 people next quarter" or "We are investing in Facebook because it is an amazing company with a really sharp and determined team. And...hindsight."

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